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Welcome to the Club

Before you step onto the greens here are a few house keeping rules!

Tee Times

All Players must register at the Pro-Shop prior to playing 

Play must begin at Hole #1

All Players must record scores at the Pro-Shop after completion of a round

The course and practice areas are restricted on Mondays(or Tuesdays following a holiday) before 4PM 

Course Conduct

Players must allow faster groups to play through if there is an open hole in front. This is mandatory for all foursomes. 

Only hit to a clear green. Every effort must be made to make sure the landing area is clear. HOLE #12: YOU MUST RING THE BELL PRIOR TO TEEING OFF.

No more than 4 players to a group

Golf Carts

No more than 2 carts per foursome

Carts must exit to the path prior to reaching the black and white stakes on approach. 

Carts Must Remain on PATHS ONLY on all Par 3s

All Golf Cart Drivers must hold a VALID Drivers License

Contact office for more information on Golf Carts

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